Tiny Love Gymini Sunny Day - Meadow Days

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Your child will never be bored with this super cute play mat from the Tiny Love brand. This play mat ensures that your child not only enjoys itself optimally, but can also develop through all the fun things that come with the play mat.

With the various fun hanging toys, your child will have a lot of fun every time. This allows your child to playfully learn to distinguish different sounds and movements. This play mat contains various labels, teething toys, a mirror and cuddly toys, so that your little one will always have fun.

The arches of the play mat can be folded away to make it easy to change a diaper, for example. The play mat can be easily folded and transported when not in use. This play mat stimulates the development and healthy curiosity of your child, both when he or she lies on its back or on its stomach!


  • Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat
  • Design: Meadow Days Sunny Day
  • Color: multicolor
  • Mirror on the rug
  • With labels
  • Including teethers
  • The hanging toys can be moved by hooking them onto the arches
  • Dimensions: 80 x 75 x 40 cm