The City of Kings Side Quests -Side Quest Pack 1

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  • Players: 1-4 
  • Playing Time: 45-180 Minutes
  • Ages: 14+

The City of Kings is a fully cooperative fantasy adventure board game. You and up to 3 friends play the roles of the surviving leaders and must defeat the armies of Vesh over a series of 7 stories and 12 scenarios. Each story offers a unique challenge and has optional objectives depending on how long you want to play. The game features full character customisation, worker management, board exploration, roleplaying-style quests and strategic combat designed for replayability. Experience dice-free combat and battle against more than 10,000,000 uniquely generated creatures on a map that has thousands of possible layouts using characters you create by choosing from over 100 different options. There are 6 heroes to choose from, each featuring 12 unique skills and 90 customizable stat points, allowing you to specialize in attacking, healing, tanking, area control, and gathering resources.

You start by choosing one of seven stories or twelve scenarios, then select your hero, with each of the six heroes featuring twelve unique skills and nine customizable stats that allow you to specialize in attacking, healing, tanking, worker management, or whatever you desire. Aside from your hero, you need to manage your workers, who must gather resources in order to trade for new items and build structures to gain powerful bonuses. You explore across the Ageless Realms by turning over tiles, discovering resources, side quests, hazards, building sites, traders and creatures as you continue to power up whilst preparing to enter Azure Rise.

The Side Quest Pack adds 50 new side quests, including 2 new types of quests to The City of Kings.

Introducing the Get To and Build side quests.
Get To is a new individual quest where you need to make your way to a non-playable character somewhere in the world.
Build adds a mini game style quest where you need to immediately help someone with a task. This features press your luck style dice rolling.