Pudaier Perfect Primer Lashes Mascara

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Pudaier 1PC Perfect Primer Lashes Mascara Partner Eye Lash Base Makeup Cosmetic White Fiber Eyelash Cream for Natural Big Eyes

Brand Name: Pudaier
Product Name: Perfect primer lashes
Weight: 31.7g
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1 set x eyelash primer


100% brand new and high quality.
Add silk protein fiber,very tension and toughness,performance is very stable in both high and low temperature continues to shape,waterproof resistance to sweat,maintain roll become warped eyelash all the day.
Sparse or short eyelash,suitable partner with eyelash to cream before mascara lashes first to do a render,to brush the thicker longer eyelashes.
Using render partner cream roll become warped eyelash,eyelash can maintain longer,24 hours eyelash can still keep spikes upward roll become warped do not collapse.
Use for Daily Makeup, Party makeup, Professional Makeup.