Lionelo Emma Plus Pushchair Lightweight Modern Small Buggy with Reclining Position Foldable

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Lionelo Emma Plus stroller with accessories -
Lionelo stroller, shock absorbing, washable cover with bag and large basket.

•It is quickly put together
•Large shopping basket
•Soft mattress
•Bag included
•Shock-absorbing suspension

Emma Plus is a stroller made of high-quality materials. The durable frame provides stability and resistance to damage, even with heavy use. The seat, roof and rear of the trolley are made of durable material FrictResist 300 DEN resistant to wear and weathering. Lionelo EmmaPlus is equipped with large and reversible foam wheels with the option of locking, which allows easy control of the trolley. EVA wheels are very durable and fully absorb shock - so walking just gets better!

Perfect in every detail
belts offer more safety while driving. Extra pillows improve comfort and prevent chafing on baby's sensitive skin.
Easy Stop
A brake on the rear axle operated with one foot. Convenient and quick to use.
Soft mattress
Made of high quality foam with increased elasticity and durability for more comfort for the child.

Safety Above All

The Front Tray
In addition to its basic functions, it keeps your child in the correct position and prevents them from slipping out of the trolley.
Folding lock
The trolley is equipped with a special system of double protection against folding the pushchair yourself.
Shock absorbers
Mounted shock absorbers above the front wheels for maximum comfort and driving stability, shocks will be significantly reduced when driving on uneven surfaces

We go beyond the standard
Two-stage canopy
offers protection against the sun, rain and wind. With the flap at the top of the hood you can see the baby while driving.
Practical bag
This is included in the set. Bundled with a trolley. Necessary for trolley rides. With adjustable shoulder strap.
Practical above average basket size. This comes in handy in any situation.

Practical solutions

3 backrest position
can change the angle of the backrest from a sitting position to a reclining position. Guarantees exceptional comfort and the correct position of the child.
Lightweight and compact When
folded, it takes up little space, easy to transport and store. Lies easily in the trunk of the car.
Second caretaker tray
A practical accessory with cup holders. Mounted so that the operator has free access to the tray.

EN (European Standard) markings are confirmation of the highest quality of our products. Products that meet the strict European standards is a guarantee of the use of the best materials and safety. Lionelo brand products are tested in European laboratories specializing in particular in the testing of children's products, subjecting them to a thorough analysis of the requirements in terms of quality and safety.


Brand: Lionelo
Model: Emma plus
Dimensions unfolded pram: 96 x 51 x 100 cm
Dimensions folded buggy: 83 x 35 x 36 cm
weight trolley: 8.5 kg
Age group: from 6 months to 5 years
maximum load capacity: 15 kg
adjustable backrest: yes - stepless
Frame: steel
Material: 100% Polister
Certificates: SGS, EN 1888: 2012