Hauck Bungee Deluxe baby bouncer from birth up to 9 kg

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Hauck Bungee Deluxe Baby Rocker from Birth to 9 kg with Rocking Function, Play Arch, Adjustable Backrest, Safety Belt, Carry Handles, Tilt-Resistant, Portable, Beige

  • Adjustable: with just one hand, the backrest of the baby swing can be adjusted to find the perfect position for the baby from birth, whether for feeding, playing or relaxing
  • Rocker function can be adjusted and adjustable: the legs on the frame of the baby crib can be changed if necessary, so that the vibration movement is no longer put force
  • Safe: the integrated 3-point belt provides the child with optimal safety. The play arch with cute pendants keeps your child busy and encourages grabbing and keys
  • Ideal for on the go: thanks to the large handles, the swing rocker can be easily transported and is ideal for the next trip with the baby
  • Easy to clean: the removable cover allows easy cleaning of the swing. The cover can then be easily attached again

This product is like new and undamaged. The packaging has been opened and damaged. This product has been inspected and tested. By purchasing this product you give it a second life and you opt for a sustainable solution.