Lip Gloss Moisturizing mini - Transparent Color-Changing Lip Gloss 2pc

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Fit Colors Mini Capsule Lip Gloss Moisturizing Transparent Color-Changing Lip Gloss Oil Plump Lips.


Immediately plump up the lips

Keep for more than 6 hours

Waterproof and kiss-proof

Lips are plumped on first use, overall plump time

Clear luster, reflective luster and extremely high moisture content.

Moisturizes chapped lips with fine lines, improves lip peeling and dryness problems


Before coloring, use it as a base makeup, color, soften and increase

the lip color, or use it on lipstick to make it shiny and plump. For

severe lip care, it can be used alone, treated 15 days a day, every

morning before makeup or overnight.


Ingredients: palm oil, ginger, honey.

Package Included:

2 x waterproof volumizing lip gloss

Product type: Lip Balms

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