Fidget 26 Toys Set Globbles Fidget Cube Monkey Noodles Keychain Tangle Pop It Fidget Toys

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Pop it! Spin it! flick it! Already seen on TikTok? Fidget Toys is the hype of the moment. And that's not so crazy! These toys help to reduce stress and improve your hand-brain coordination. Young and old enjoy fidgeting with these crazy fidgets. Great to use while working from home, on the couch or when you have nothing to do.

Extended package

Not just the Pop it, Pea popper or Fidget Spinner. But much more! In this extensive package you will find up to 20 Fidget Toys. From the well-known rotating cube to the magnetic rings or Monkey noodles. Guaranteed that you have seen one of these toys on TikTok. This fun set combines the best Fidgets for a great gift. Who do you give the Fidget Toys package to?

Less stress, more relaxation

We live in an online era. Could you also use a little more relaxation? Fidget Toys can help you. These colorful toys help kids (as well as adults) maintain focus while working. The toy serves as a functional distraction from stress by keeping your hands busy. More play is therefore more relaxation. And we give that to everyone.

The Fidget Toys Package From AlwaysCare:

1x pop it

3x pea popper

4x monkey noodles

4x mesh and marble

1x magnetic rings (finger spinner, 1 set of 3)

2x wacky track (green/blue & blue/red)

2x flippy chain/fidget key ring

1x turn cube

1x fidget spinner

1x football puzzle

Good to know

The colors of the Fidget Toys may differ slightly per package from the photos. The Fidget Toys are still just as fun to use! Due to small parts, we recommend using the Fidget Toys for children over 5 years old and adults.